USA, two-year-old girl enters the canteen

Isla McNabb is a young girl who lives in Kentucky with her parents and three siblings. He can already speak and read

Isla McNab turns two in May and can already speak and read. The little girl is the heroine of some videos posted by her mother Amanda on TikTok He sees himself reading the cards as if it were a game. Show an affinity for the alphabet Father Jason explained to “She started spelling different letters, then moved on to wordsThen the asylum psychiatrist advised Amanda and Jason to take an IQ test: the result? The young girl was found to be in the 99th percentile for her age group (and therefore with much higher development than the average of her peers), and therefore she was invited to join the Mensa Club, a club The American super brain with above average IQ.

Focus on watching TV.

The fourth daughter of the couple, the parents immediately noticed her special intelligence. When we took her home from the hospital, we realized we also watch TV I stared at the screen intently, not like other kids – continues his father Jason – she was focused on what she was seeing. Isla is now the youngest member of the Mensa Club, as no one else has entered the club at this age.

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Only two days to test his intelligence

Dr. Edward Amand was the psychiatrist who tested a young girl’s intelligence after hearing tales about her reading and speaking skills. The specialist is usually used to deal with children under 4 years old, who are able to give an opinion within a few days. Two days were enough for an island. The results were impressive: the girl was “outstanding” in all categories and “much superior” in knowledge. His diagnosis is “hyperreading,” which is an above-average ability to read and write.

Youngest member of Mensa

Once the result is found, Jason and Amanda contact Mensa, which After receiving the documents, he immediately accepted the little girl among her members. Charles Brown, director of marketing and communications for Mensa, confirmed that she is the youngest in the group. “I wouldn’t have believed this if it hadn’t happened to me,” Amanda said. “You see those stories about kids playing chess at the age of three or learning the periodic table or the names of all the presidents. People keep wondering if we’re going to teach them these things, but no. She doesn’t care.”

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