USA, Trump investigated by the FBI for espionage

The FBI is investigating former US President Donald Trump for possible espionage and obstruction of justice. That’s what we read in Monday’s search warrant for Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private residence. The text of the memorandum was released today by the court and picked up by the US media.

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Federal Judge Bruce Reinhart signed the search warrant for the former president’s residence on Friday, August 5, but FBI agents waited until Monday to intervene, the statement said. The judge, in particular, authorized FBI agents to search the so-called “Office 45” and “all other rooms or areas” in Mar-a-Lago that were available to former President Trump and his staff. To store boxes and documents. In the state, Trump’s residence has been described as a villa with approximately 58 bedrooms and 33 bathrooms on a 17-acre property.

The authorization receipts were signed by former President Trump’s attorney Christina Pope, who according to CNN complained that she and other Trump attorneys were not allowed to attend the search.

According to the Wall Street Journal, citing the research inventory, At Trump’s residence, the FBI found 11 sets of classified documents. Some documents have been classified “extremely confidential” Hence it must be stored in specific locations. This appears to confirm that the former President of the United States brought his own residence documents that require certain procedures for use and preservation such as those related to nuclear weapons, which can only be declassified after specific official action. Among the secret documents seized were also some of the “President of France”.

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The nuclear issue is a scam“A, like Russia, Russia was a scam, like the two impeachments were a scam and the Mueller investigation,” Trump said, in a post on Truth Social, the platform he created after being banned from Twitter. Involved: Why didn’t the FBI allow district searches in Mar-a-Lago with our lawyers present? ‘Adds the former president.’ They made them wait outside in the heat. , They did not let them approach, they said no at all! Trump wrote again, then suggested it The FBI’s real goal was to “plant compromising evidence” against him. “It reminds me of the story of the Christopher Steele file,” he says, quoting the file, drawn up by the former British intelligence agent during the 2016 election campaign, on relations between Trump and the Russians, which was originally the Russiagate investigation.

Then Trump accused his predecessor Barack Obama of bringing 33 million pages of classified documents to ChicagoBut the national archives deny this. In a statement issued today, the former US president said that documents requested by the FBI during the search for his home in Mar-a-Lago have been declassified and that authorities can request their return at any time. “The big problem is what they’re going to do with the 33 million pages of documents that President Obama brought to Chicago,” he added.

But the administration’s National Archives and Records (NARA) denied Trump, claiming he has exclusive legal and physical custody of all Obama presidency documents, as required by law. About 30 million pages of unclassified documents were found in Chicago, while all classified documents are in Washington.

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