USA: In the Secret Government Investigative Unit for Journalists – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 – Reporters are questioned by a classified unit of Customs and Border Protection, the US federal agency that monitors border security and relies on the Department of Homeland Security. This was revealed by the Associated Press, under which a special unit called “Counter Network Division” was to use government databases aimed at countering terrorism to investigate about two dozen reporters based in the United States, including the Pulitzer Prize itself. dad. Dubbed “Whistle Pig,” the operation targeted not only journalists but also members of Congress and Capitol Hill staff.

Details of the incident are contained in a 500-page report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General who is investigating the case. An issue of particular concern among the media now seeking clarification, with leaders of the Associated Press speaking of a “clear abuse of power”. (Dealing).

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