USA, engine failure on takeoff, aircraft losing parts of homes in Denver. Video

Wreckage from an aircraft was found in a residential area near Denver by locals, who were stunned by the movie-worthy scene (watch the video at the top of the page). These aircraft belong to a Boeing 777 that suffered an engine failure while taking off during a flight from the Colorado capital to Honolulu, Hawaii, and lost parts of it while it was already in the air.

Safe return and landing in Denver

Fortunately, the plane carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew members made it back to Denver Airport and landed safely. According to the people on board, there could have been a strong explosion in phases immediately after departure. Some videos have been posted showing smoke coming out of an engine that is already clear of its paint. Police in Broomfield, who had ordered residents not to touch or pick up debris from the plane, released pictures of what looked like the outer casing of an engine that ended up in the backyard of a house, the Federal Aviation Administration reported. Be the right person who suffered the meltdown. The accident, which occurred on Saturday night, is now under investigation by relevant authorities, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

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