USA, drought: worst in 1200 years, catastrophic fires are expected

In the western United States, the worst drought in 1,200 years has broken out: catastrophic fires are feared in the near future.

A scientist from California revealed it in Western United States unleash Worst drought in the last 1200 years (It was absolutely necessary to impose restrictions on the water to deal with.) The fear is that the gods may evolve now catastrophic fires.

The researcher explained that he joined a team of several committed scientists Measure the height of the snow mass in the Sierra Nevada. The results for 2022 were not at all encouraging: the snowy hand in California is 23% lower than last year.

This means that The drought got worse And that another dramatic fire season is approaching for the United States.

Then the scientist pointed out that many people have a rather simplistic view of drought: they think it’s just lack of rain and snow. This is true, but there is a lot to consider.

California drought

during the Periods of prolonged droughtIn fact, the Earth may become so dry that it causes two opposite results:

  • It can absorb all new water, thus reducing the amount that reaches rivers and reservoirs
  • Conversely, the ground can be too dry to absorb rainwater and cause it to drain too quickly. flood

This means that it is no longer possible to rely on relatively short periods of rain or snow to try to mitigate Damage caused by dehydration: What we did in the past, also thanks to climate change, is no longer good now.

To make up for the difference, they will be More years of above-average rain and snow are needed Instead of large successive events concentrated in one year.

And don’t think that drought is only an American problem: in Piedmont a hundred and more days without rain means that the Po has not been so low in the last thirty years.

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