USA: Artists make illegal food flavoring chips

A Brooklyn-based art group has created a line of potato chips with a taste of foods that are illegal in the United States.

Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF has launched a group of Chips flavor Illegal foods or prohibited in United States of America; Thus chips are made, flavored with horse meat, with the taste of very poisonous puffer or casso marzu, the famous Sardinian cheese with worms.

illegal chips

The project, dubbed “Illegal Chips”, is accompanied by a technical statement that responds to states’ food production and consumption standards and, following the Glasgow climate accords a few days ago, intends to highlight the harmful effects. The impact of raising animals for meat consumption on the planet. Yes, because not all chips actually contain meat products: horse meat and puffed fish flavors are vegetarian, while casso marzu tastes vegan. In its statement, MSF said it hoped to demonstrate that “the distinction between ‘animal food’ and ‘animal food’ is a social construct. Clearly the same could be said of laws in general.”

He explained that “the chips can be modified to make them look like anything else.” Dan Greenberg, collective treasurer. “So why don’t manufacturing companies have the imagination, and continue to offer flavors that we can easily eat in real life? We wanted to give people a taste they won’t experience anywhere else.”

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