USA and Oklahoma Towards Comprehensive Abortion Ban: Republican Governor’s Signature Missing

L ‘Oklahoma Continue on the road towards ban totalmiscarriage: Midwest State Parliament, by majority republicanin fact approved a bill prohibited L ‘boycott At any time during pregnancy, except for emergency medical cases where it is necessary to save the mother’s life.

The the perpetratorsif the measure is approved with the signature of the Republican governor, Kevin Stitt, they may be punished with Fine as far as 100 thousand dollarswith the Prison as far as 10 years Or by both: Governor approval is likely, given that state It said suitable To measure. In this case, the law will enter into force on August 26.

In recent years, under the former president’s administration, several US states have passed highly restrictive anti-abortion laws: First of all, Mississippi, which in 2018 agreed to a text It is now under consideration by the Supreme Court, which is expected to issue its decision in June. It has been in effect since 2 September Texas New law bans even termination of pregnancy after 6 weeks: text there Supreme court did not prevent Which was her health Also confirmed by Appellate courtafter the initial comment.

In the background, once again the fate of the historical sentence “Roe vs. Wade” 1973 which the Supreme Court ruled abortion in America, Proving that the US can’t ban it before 23-24 weeks of pregnancyThat is, at a stage when the fetus cannot survive outside the womb. An invasion of American women’s rights also paved the way for millions upon millions of other women in the world, which now risks being downsized with these restrictions imposed by the United States. If the bill is approved, the measure would qualify as an intervention more stringent than those in effect Texas And the ArizonaWhich prohibits the termination of pregnancy after the fifteenth week without any exception.

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