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US State Department employees hacked with NSO spyware

One of the most important promises of Whatsapp is that no one can read messages or listen to calls. “Protecting privacy and security is part of our DNA. We use end-to-end encryption for this,” the popular messenger declares on its website.

The leaked document reveals which messaging apps are handing over their data to the FBI. The two most cooperative are WhatsApp and iMessage, going as far as providing the content of users’ messages.

a leaked document reveal it The FBI actively monitors the activity of Internet users On WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, as well as iMessage, Telegram, and Viber. A simple procedure allows the US Federal Agency to legally obtain messages and metadata for these applications.

According to the document revealed by Rolling Stone reporters, iMessage and WhatsApp provide FBI access to more data Compared to other platforms. In particular, the FBI has access to message archives and their content.

For example, among the nine requests mentioned in the FBI document, WhatsApp is the only one that uses ‘pen recording’ : A monitoring system that captures the origin and destination of each message separately. This device generates Metadata every 15 minutes on every WhatsApp user.

In total, the FBI document entitled “Legal Access” proves The rules of nine applications Messaging: iMessage, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Telegram, Signal, Threema, WeChat, Wickr.

Among the nine apps listed, Only iMessage, WhatsApp and Line contents are stored The letters are handed over to the FBI. The other six refuse to disclose the content of the messages.

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