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The last time mortgage rates were this high, above 6%, was at the heart of the 2008 mortgage crisis, when the US was already in a deep recession.

So the higher the mortgage payments, the more depreciation collapses, and that’s the perfect combination to stop inflation.

On average only since the beginning of the year, mortgage payments have increased about 40%, rising from $1,700 to $2,300, with a peak near 2,500.

We’ll cross $2600, which isn’t really bad!

Rental prices have also risen rapidly this year, driving up mortgage costs and tipping the scales in favor of renting for many Americans.

The collapse in real wages, the continuous rise in rent and housing prices, especially mortgages, the collapse in the value of investments from bonds to stock markets with the collapse of cryptocurrency, and certainly no risk of a recession

Rest assured there is no risk, everything is fine, the president of the United States, the former central banker secretary of the treasury, and of course Powell, the current central bank governor, tell you this, you guys.

But look, they made the markets go up and then crash for two days and in two days everything was undone. Between yesterday and yesterday, US natural gas rose from 10 to minus 10 in less than 24 hours!

Financial markets are serious, yes, for last-minute fools, come on, gentlemen, as the good Leopardi would say…

stroll roam So I still wish if I had to live again, and so does everyone else. But this is a sign that the case, even this year, has treated everyone poorly. It is clear that everyone thinks that the evil that befalls him weighs more or more than the good. If they continued to reclaim the life they were accustomed to, with all its good and bad, no one would want to be born again. The beautiful life is not what is known, but what is not known. Not the past, but the future. With the coming of the new year, opportunity will begin to treat you and all others well, and you will begin a happy life. this is not true?

Sales Representative we hope.

stroll roam So show me your best calendar.

Sales Representative Here, very illustrious. This equals thirty sus.

stroll roam Here are thirty mites.

Sales Representative Thank you, Brilliant: to see you again.

calendars, new calendars; New moon.

Greetings men, and watch your calendars, your wallets!

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Pontocella kinematic angle

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