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Another prestigious award for the composer of L’Amoniz will feature his composition along with 100 other films فيلم

The competition

Second place for composer Lamoniz Luca Politi in Indie Gathering International Film Recording Competition, a prestigious composition competition for Music on Pictures (movie music) held in Cleveland, Ohio (US) with hundreds of participants from all over the world. Its soundtrack has been selected for screening at the International Film Festival, which will be held from August 19-22 at DoubleTree by Hilton in Westlake in “Screening room A” along with 100 other international films.

All participants had at their disposal a video of sewing music, which the composers anonymously uploaded to the Internet, so that the jury could make their assessments in a poke. The selection was made to the point of selecting the three songs that made it to the finals, which included the song Politi, which then won a silver medal. “The anonymity excludes the fact that in listening there are preconceived notions about who is presenting the piece and that’s the nice thing,” comments the composer and musician from Lamon. In contrast, there were pictures of steps from a movie by Fred Astaire, and Luca Politi was inspired by the style of the time: “I winked in the fifties, with some more modern things. We had to create synchronization with the steps and I figured out the music that could fit the style and pace of the dance,” he explains. “It sounds easy, but when you have to elicit the music from the steps, you don’t know the speed of the dance. After I found the time, I sewed around the piece that I wanted it, the composition that seemed most appropriate to me, with a sound a little old and a little new was appreciated,” he adds. “You can turn the movie on its head if you play one type of music instead of another and you always need to respect the director who makes the decisions. We should try Understand what he wants and promote his work, otherwise the purpose of applied music is lost,” says Politi, who concludes with thanks. “This second place fills me with joy. Thank you “Indie Gathering International Film Festival” and congratulations to all the composers who participated.” –

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