US plans to order commercial airlines to help evacuate Afghans

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration plans to increase its airlift from Kabul through preparations to force major US airlines to help transport tens of thousands of people. Evacuated from Afghanistan, with an increase in the number of US military bases that can host Afghans.

The White House should consider activating the Civilian Reserve Air Fleet, or CRAF, created in 1952 in the wake of the post-WWII Berlin airlift, to supply nearly 20 commercial aircraft from as many as five airlines to bolster military efforts . Displaced Afghans have been moved from bases in the area, according to US officials.

Officials said officials are looking at alternatives to increase evacuation efforts, including expanding the number of bases in the area to reduce congestion, a move that could increase use by civil airlines or avoid the need for it. Other military bases in the United States have also been designated to provide housing for displaced Afghans.

Civilian aircraft will not fly in or out of Kabul, that fell under the rule of the Taliban Officials said August 15. Instead, commercial airline pilots and crews will help transport thousands of Afghans and others stranded at US bases in Qatar, Bahrain and Germany.

The involvement of commercial aircraft would ease the pressure on those bases, which are rapidly filling up with displaced Afghans as the United States expands its efforts to get them out of Kabul airport. Thousands of Afghans face Taliban retaliation for their association with US forces I flooded the airport last week.

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