US now fears ‘unvaccinated pandemic’

The epidemic is starting to spread again in the United States as well. After the peak of January 8, with more than 300,000 cases in a single day, infections began to decline and at the same time the vaccination campaign began to move faster and faster than in Europe. Then a slight increase in infections in April reached its lowest level since the beginning of the epidemic. For two weeks, the curve began to rise again, but at different speeds between the two states.

“This has become a pandemic for the unvaccinated – CDC Director Rochelle Walinsky warned – we’re seeing strong case growth in parts of the country with low vaccination coverage, because unvaccinated people are at risk.” Some restrictions are back. Chicago has imposed restrictions on travelers from Missouri and Arkansas, which are basins of the delta variant. In Los Angeles, indoor masks are again becoming mandatory even for people who have been vaccinated.


Hesitating about the vaccine

The health authorities’ message is trying to push the population towards greater commitment to the vaccination campaign. The US peaked in daily immunizations on April 13, with 1,012 doses per 100 residents, and then dropped to 200-250 in the past few weeks. To make a comparison, Italy started worse, but is now steadily traveling above 900 daily doses per 100 inhabitants since the beginning of June.

In the United States, 56% of the population received at least one dose, while 48% completed a course of vaccination. In Italy – in line with major European countries – 61.5% received at least one dose, and 45.2% of the population completed the course of vaccination. So the coverage is similar.

Emergency return in less immunized countries

However, the United States sees a dividing line between states with low vaccinations, experiencing a new wave of hospitalizations, and those with greater protections. In Mountain Home, Arkansas, where less than a third of the population took two doses, hospitals struggled again, He tells the New York Times.

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