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The United States qualifies for the Tokyo Olympics. Team USA beat Venezuela 4-2 in the pre-Olympic game for the Americas That he will be able to reach the five-round review, while the Venezuelans, along with the Dominican Republic, will have to pass through the final tournament to be held in Puebla from June 22-26.

Then, in the opening inning, Matthew Liberator, the American starter, is out of trouble with full bases, for him and Venezuelan neighbor Anibal Sanchez some problems until the second round. In the third inning, Hernan Pérez took the first shot at home to the left of Venezuela 0-1. He answers in the fourth half Eric Villa: This time, the race is at home on the right for Team USA RBI.

And in the fifth inning, a left-footed double by Todd Frazier pushed Luke Williams home to America 3-1, but it wasn’t time for Venezuela to surrender. A great double from Ramon Flores makes Diego Rincons change the score to 3-2. to put an end to it Frazier is thinking about it again in the seventh inning, with the third round at home in the evening definitively capping the score at 4-2.

In the aforementioned final World Championship for Olympic qualifiers, the sixth team will play Japan, Israel, Mexico, South Korea and the United States, as well as Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands and Australia. They have abandoned Taipei and China due to Covid-19 fears.

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