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US earthquake, 6.6 magnitude shock in Nikolsky, all details «3B Meteo

January 11 2022
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Nikolsky earthquake, USA
Nikolsky earthquake, USA

shock Earthquake 6.6 on the Richter scale, occurred in hours 02:39 (1:39 pm in Italy) and its center is near Nikolsky, USA. Estimated depth was approx 11.23 kilometers. You can observe all the earthquakes in Italy and the most important in the world in our seismology section.

Earthquake data constantly updated Thanks to the Joint Research Centre, European Commission: GDACS

Is it possible to predict earthquakes? No, but there are seismic precursors that can give us at least some indication about which areas are most at risk and the time frame in which there is a greater likelihood of witnessing a seismic event. The anomaly can be for example the seismic calm in a specific seismic zone usually affected by earthquakes of a certain frequency. Or a change in the speed of seismic waves, changes in radon gas content in deep well water or changes in water levels in wells can also be precursors. In this article we delve into the topic.

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