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US Coronavirus News: The general surgeon says experts know more about coronavirus vaccines than any other vaccines in history

It also manages healthcare workers modern Dr. Jerome Adams said at a press conference on Saturday that experts have more information about any other vaccines in history and Pfizer vaccines.

“This vaccine is almost 100% certain that it will prevent you or a loved one from getting seriously ill,” Adams said. “This is how we end this epidemic.”

Officials have begun distributing vaccines to health care workers and long-term care residents. But most Americans will likely not be immunized until 2021, when more doses can be produced and distributed. Adams said the United States is on track to have 20 million doses of the vaccine by the end of December, 50 million by the end of January and 100 million by the end of February.

Although the process of getting the two necessary doses for Americans is a daunting task, Adams said he is more concerned about trusting the vaccine than he is about supplying the vaccine.

“It is okay to ask questions. It is okay to ask questions,” he said. “What is unacceptable is allowing wrong information or mistrust to cause you to make a decision that would be harmful to your health, the health of your family, or the health of your community.”

5 health care workers in Alaska have adverse reactions

As vaccines make their way to the public, some have reported negative reactions.

A spokesperson for CNN said on Saturday that other health care workers at Providence Health Alaska have experienced adverse reactions to the coronavirus vaccine. In total, he had five negative reactions across the state.

The acquisition of the Covid-19 vaccine was emotional but exciting for healthcare workers

Michal Canfield said their reactions were mild and not threatening.

Negative reactions among four employees caused a Chicago suburban hospital to temporarily halt a Covid-19 vaccination program for frontline workers. they Symptoms included twitching and an elevated heart rate Shortly after receiving the vaccine, Advocate Aurora Health said in a statement CNN’s WLS obtained.

The healthcare company noted that these four workers represent “less than 0.15% of the approximately 3,000 people who have so far received vaccinations through Advocate Aurora Health,” and that the pauses allowed “time to better understand” the cause of the reactions. However, vaccination continued at eight other sites across Illinois and Wisconsin.

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The healthcare system said the program will resume on Sunday with a 30-minute increase in the post-vaccine evaluation period out of extreme caution.

Adams said that allergic reactions to coronavirus vaccines “are not abnormal or unexpected.”

“The system works,” Adams said during a press conference hosted by Ohio Governor Mike Dewane. “We are aware and note these extremely rare side effects.”

“We need Los Angeles to turn into a ghost town again.”

With unparalleled prevalence rates, California has reinstated restrictions to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

Dr. Thomas Yadegar, ICU director at Providence Cedars Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in Los Angeles, said the current rise in Covid-19 in California “is, by far, the worst it has been in the past nine months.” Interview on CNN Newsroom.

In California, wealthy patients are offering higher dollars to block the Covid-19 vaccine

The state has consistently recorded daily highs in hospitalizations and deaths and ICU bed capacity has fallen to nearly zero in many parts of the state.

“At the moment, we need Los Angeles to turn into a ghost town again. This is what we need. So we can try to save as many people as possible and heal as many souls as possible,” Yadegar said.

“No matter how hard we try to improve patients, stabilize them, and hope to bring the patients home, it looks like there are four other patients waiting for the same bed,” Yadegar told CNN correspondent Paul Verkamin.

Patients are coming to his hospital “more sick than the last four months,” Yadegar added.

He said he believed many people were waiting too long to enter hospitals that were already overcrowded.

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“I had a patient last week who waited so long. I asked him, ‘Why didn’t you come early? “He broke my heart but what he said was…“ I didn’t want to take someone else’s bed. I didn’t want to take someone else’s bed. I thought someone would be sicker and need them more, ”said Yadegar

Lauren Mascarenhas, Holly Silverman, Gisela Crespo, and Paul Verkamen of CNN contributed to this report.

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