US, Capitol Assault Commission Demands Indictment of Trump’s Former Chief of Staff: ‘He refused to testify’

the House Committee From Washington InvestigationThe attack on the Capitol On January 6, 2021, request for indictment Mark Meadows. Former White House Chief of Staff in the Presidency trump accused of Anger to Congress For his refusal to testify about the January 6 revolution, and thus to provide evidence of “willful non-compliance”, as the commission’s chairperson declared, Benny Thompson. Thus the select committee unanimously approved the contents of the Congressional report on Meadows, and adjourned the matter to a vote expected today by the full House of Representatives.

The position of the former administration’s chief of staff continues to deteriorate after news of one of them yesterday Mail Sent to his contact, which is not cited, Meadows explained that National Guard Was present at the demonstration in favor of the former president of Protecting Trump Supporters And that “other forces will be ready to intervene.” Meadows has been in contact with at least some of the people who have been organizing the January 6 protest, and one of them has expressed safety concerns. So Meadows used his personal cell phone to discuss the details of the demonstration,” Thompson wrote in the report. Not only. According to congressional investigators, the then White House chief of staff spoke several times with Republican leaders of the contested states over the vote, urging them to send voters disloyal to Biden to Congress. And several times used his personal email to forward Alleged election fraud to the Ministry of Justice. Mail and applications have also been sent to the Vice President’s office, Mike PenceAsking him to prevent the course to obtain the certificate.

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But the shadows over promoter behavior highlighted by the commission do not end there. According to what appeared in the days preceding the attack: Capitol Hill He also got a plan consisting of 38 Bagin in Power Point Prepared by a former colonel in the Texas Army who endorsed the thesis stolen elections at any pole to announce it Emergency before delivery to the White House. true coup project Which, however, the chief of staff decided to ignore.

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