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US and British airlines are calling for the reopening of transatlantic flights

Re-opening: This is the categorical imperative made by the directors of various air carriers and not only in the US and UK. The reopening they are referring to is the transatlantic air links, to the point of prompting these CEOs to join forces and make an appeal. He’s talking about Doug ParkerCEO of American Airlines, Sean Doyle, at British Airways, Ed Bastian (Delta Airlines), John Holland Kayto Heathrow Airport, Robin HayesCEO of JetBlue. Scott Kirby (United Airlines), Roger DowPresident of the American Travel Association H Vice teaVirgin Atlantic’s number one. In the joint document bearing all of these signatures, it is clear that flights of this type must start again as soon as possible, pending the holding of the G7 summits, scheduled for Cornwall this weekend. According to the American Travel Association, it would cost the US economy $325 billion in total losses if the flight restrictions were noted. In addition, there is a serious risk of 1.1 million people being laid off in the coming months. Then there is another report to refer to, York Aviation, which reports that the new summer’s loss in terms of air transport will be reduced by about £56 billion. What has been discussed is the US not being on the so-called “green list” of Great Britain, which includes countries for which isolation (and relative quarantine) would be requested if arriving in London and its surrounding areas. .

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