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Update on UK and Ireland late –

Microsoft Flight Simulator It will make users wait a little longerUpdate Dedicated to United Kingdom and IrelandSome technical issues caused Asobo Studio and Microsoft to delay releasing the update.

However, it wouldn’t be a big delay: as reported Asobo StudioThe update will be launched on British soil there Next week To that predefined, or this week or anyway Coming days, Although there is no exact date yet.

The technical problem appears to have arisen from the need to update some development tools to better adapt to the new data collection process in Photogrammetry Used to clear areas to be cloned in simulations.

The Update the world 3 Microsoft’s Flight Simulator looks totally cool, and has more than 70 milestones5 airports, 2 challenges to land, even more 5 cities Designed with photogrammetry and this procedure took a little longer than the developers expected.

In any case, Asobo worked with the Bing Maps and Bluesky team to make everything work its best possible and the result should be more realistic cities and reproduce them with great precision thanks to the new action, including London.

Some of the results of this new real map processing action are shown in the images released by Asobo and Microsoft for the new update, and therefore it is expected these days. Microsoft Flight Simulator has been updated in recent days with the arrival of snow in real time and support for virtual reality.

Mltaviator99 Scalable


Blarney Castle


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