Update 3.2 is coming tomorrow, many changes in the coming period –

Battlefield 2042 you will receiveUpdate 3.2 Tomorrow, January 20, 2022, but it is only the first step of one phase changes An intense DICE and EA multiplayer shooter that is set to get many improvements and changes over the next few weeks.

Starting with patch 3.2, this should lead to several fixes bug problem It was discovered in the game, with a full list of variations to be posted in the next few hours, but it will be a technical update with features that may be less obvious to users during standard sessions.

L ‘Update 3.3 Instead, it will arrive in mid-February 2022 and bring with it an improvement to the scoreboard, in addition to changes that have been in the works since the pre-Christmas period. There is talk of changes to the interface with new panels that display data on players and comparisons between them, which are especially useful in the competitive online context of the game.

It remains unclear if in the same update 3.3 or later, other expected changes relate to matching preferences in All-Out Warfare and VOIP voice communications on all platforms: these businesses are currently under private monitoring but none are. This is still a version limited. a period.

Within update 3.2, there are also changes to XP management in Portal, as well as the ability to grant more servers and game modes in Mastery and Weekly Mission. In addition, various performance improvements are expected from tomorrow’s update onwards. Hopefully all of this will stir up the situation a bit in Battlefield 2042, which in recent days on Steam has had fewer players than Battlefield 1 and V.

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