Update 12.0.1 improves stability and bluetooth update –

After the release of version 12 of the Nintendo Switch, Big N needs to give his system some stability again. That’s why he posted Return MailUpdate 12.0.1 For the Nintendo Switch, it’s an update that’s needless to say that it officially only improves system stability. In fact, classic data hoists have detected that this update refreshes unit management files Bluetooth, Bad word list and BSD socket.

as it seems from Official site From Nintendo, there doesn’t seem to be any big news for the Nintendo Switch 12.0.1 update. The update is improving More It is downloaded automatically by connecting to the internet console. Everything is as usual.

In fact, OatmealDome’s initial analyzes say that with these general improvements, Nintendo has also updated several internal components, even if there isn’t any major news in these updates at the moment. It may be related to interventions style To update security protocols.

The three updated components are List of cursesIn order to keep up with the ever-creative user, the Bluetooth module and BSD socket, or system that, in other words, establishes connections to the Internet.

Surprised by the renewed stability of your console?

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