Update 1.2 brings new bugs with it, and here are some examples –

Cyberpunk 2077 It was recently receivedUpdate 1.2Designed to improve gaming performance. Unfortunately, this new update also had negative impacts and some players are trying some of them Software bugFar from being fun.

As we told you in our analysis of patch 1.2 on the PS5, there are “major improvements – even if it’s just to be able to play without crashing – but there’s still a long way to go. Consider the conditions on the console at launch, if nothing” Else, the feeling of being in your hands is a different game: performance improved, non-playable characters became less smudged and lifeless, missions weren’t tapped as far as we went, and in general there were several modifications that made for an enjoyable experience. The result is positive for everyone.

As you can see below, some players have suffered from a Cyberpunk 2077’s “sandstorm” effect After the arrival of update 1.2. Some players don’t even bother this much, as they seem to be playing Blade Runner 2049. Some players decide to try to “bypass” this effect by activating the rain across the Blade Runner Easter Egg (the original) area. In other words, try taking Blade Runner out with another Blade Runner.

The other bugs are not “interesting” though. As you can see in the other example, Update 1.2 has caused unexpected effects like an Upper spinning effect for some cars. There is talk on the Internet about visual issues with the non-players’ attire and various other issues. Basically, Cyberpunk 2077 just got better and worse at the same time.

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Do we also know that multiplayer is being ‘reconsidered’, postponed or canceled on the horizon?

Thanks CD Projekt for the amazing update … from r / cyberpunkgame

1.2 My conservation completely messed up, and now the whole of North Carolina is permanently in a sandstorm. Quite frankly? I’m not even angry from r / cyberpunkgame

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