Upcoming investigations by the Revenue Agency about withdrawals and savings in current accounts and postal books

Tax assessments on the income of Italian taxpayers can start at any time and also automatically. Alternatively, the IRS can process checks within 4 months of the filing date or from September 30, 2021. Even the average annual balance of bank and postal deposits does not escape the eye of a tax check investigation. In fact, we recommend thatBeware of hefty fines the Revenue Agency imposes on some savers who don’t advertise money in their checking account in excess of this amountEven a good mistake or forgetfulness can result in heavy fines.

A saver who chooses to entrust the maintenance of his money to the Italian Post Office rather than to a banking institution should not be considered safe. Reality, “Fines of more than 5,000 euros from the Revenue Agency for holders of postal books and savings bonds who do not declare this dataTherefore, for some taxpayers, investigations by the Revenue Agency into withdrawals and savings in checking accounts and postal books may already be on the way. In fact, we remind you that by March 31 of each year, credit institutions must notifytax record Any banking and postal transactions.

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Upcoming investigations by the Revenue Agency about withdrawals and savings in current accounts and postal books

With the information from the superanagrafe database, both the tax authorities and the Guardia di Finanza can detect deviations in the income tax return. So there is no escape for those who declare modest income and at the same time enjoy a high standard of living compared to the income they report. Obviously, this disparity leads the Internal Revenue Service to assume that the taxpayer receives money in black and hides other income in order not to pay taxes. In the same way, those who do not withdraw money from the account or from the mail book or withdraw very low amounts are at risk of tax assessments. When a taxpayer does not draw money for maintenance costs from his own reserves, it is perfectly legitimate to incur non-taxable income. To evade tax controls, you should also pay attention to withdrawals and take money corresponding to the minimum life each month.

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