Up to VAT numbers and letters of compliance from the Revenue Agency

Bad news for many taxpayers who will have to deal with the arrival of an unexpected connection. Let’s get into the details and see Which ends up in the crosshairs of the revenue agency.

The year 2020 was marked by the impact of Covid which unfortunately continues to have negative repercussions on our lives today from our point of view. Cheap of personal relationships. Indeed, in order to limit its spread, we are asked to pay attention to various precautions such as social distancing or the use of masks. The situation is further complicated by the fact that many business men They had to lower the shutters of their activities.

A context that leads many people to deal with a complex financial situation. Hence the need for ad hoc interventions by the executive, such as measures adopted with Duplicate support decree. On the other hand, the administrative machine never stops, and soon the taxpayer will have to deal with a single arrival Telecommunications unexpected, which will inevitably end up affecting the budget of many families. Let’s get into the details and see what it is.

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Revenue Agency, Unexpected Connection Arrives: What You Need to Know

Internal Revenue Tax Credit ائتمان
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Revenue Agency ready to dispatch letters of compliance As for the annual tax return Regarding the 2020 tax year, in practice, this is a notice to those who have not submitted or submitted this return incomplete, and does not fill in the field of Active Operations (VE).

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These communications are sent, as we remind you, after some checks have been made on the data of electronic billing, tele-payments and esters. Interested parties will receive such communications from their own digital home. But not only that, they will also be available in ‘financial drawer’ Employees on the Revenue Agency website.

As it can be seen from Judgment June 30, 2021Therefore, the tax authorities are ready to conduct checks VAT numbers. Thus, the taxpayers who will receive this communication will be able to verify their status. If they don’t send, they’ll have to To comply with toiling repentance.

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Going into the details, if the VAT return is omitted, the parties involved will have time Until July 29, 2021 or Within 90 days of the normal April 30 deadline, to comply. On the other hand, if the 2021 VAT return is submitted, but not completed VE . frame, it is possible to correct errors or omissions During the expiration of the evaluation deadlines.

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