Up to € 10,000 for this stamp: check if you still have it

I am Old postage They can really make us rich and not just a little. In fact, it is known that over time some elements can gain value due to the fact that very few of them have been distributed. Today we will talk about prof Old postage stamp Which several years ago was very popular with people and you probably still have one at home too.

The The character of the value Which we will take as an example today The upside-down swan, One of the most famous stamps in the world but also among the most popular rare There might be. These are not famous for their beauty but for their quantity as they are one of the first Mirrored Stamps In the world. Its name actually is “the inverted swan” and it was issued in Australia In 1855.

In this case, the error was due to the fact that his frame was turned over instead of the thread. Obviously, the increased likelihood of error, at that time, also played a lot Complex production process. Today this Seal Its value can reach 10,000 euros, but its value has been higher for years.

According to some sources, in fact, we can confirm that The value of the inverted swan It was even 35,000 euros around 1983 but it reached 75,000 euros in 1980. There are many Stamps are rare And we’ll deal with it these days by going to create real identities of Italy’s most sought-after people.

In fact, as we have indicated over and over again, some of these have achieved A. Incredible value Which may allow us to create a small treasure for use in difficult times like the ones we are going through during this period. So keep following us but don’t forget that we are also on a higher level Google News And if you want, you can follow us directly through the official app.

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