Unveiled a deleted character, played by Hally Gross –

From the strange curtain of Twitter, we came to the discovery of a file a personality from Our last 2 which should have been explained by the author Halle GrossIt was initially planned but was then left out of the final release.

In a clever conversation on Twitter, he started by Neil Druckmann and from it Nintendo Switch Just Bought With Metroid DreadThis hidden truth about the development of The Last of Us 2: Druckmann and Gross often teasing each other via social media, from friends but in some cases overstepping the boundaries a bit, but in this case interesting information about his gameplay, has emerged.

Among the various entries, in fact, a photo of Gross, one of the authors of the game’s script, appeared in Motion capture, with a somewhat candid quote from Druckmann: “Now I want you to put your character back into the game, just to be able to take it out again!” To which Gross responded with plenty of gifs and a message: “Last of Us Part 3: Leah’s Revenge.”

With this, we can guess that Halle Gross played a character called ya In The Last of Us 2, even going so far as to film some action capture scenes that were later scrapped in an overhaul of the game. For Leah, it could be the character seen in the photo that Eli and Dina found at one of the Washington Liberation Front bases.

To survive an attack by the WLF, Eli and Dina dispose of two fighters from the group, one of whom is in possession of Leia’s Polaroid and a letter from her. They find out that Leah is at the local TV headquarters, but when they get there they find the woman already dead. Obviously, Leia’s part should have been wider and deeper in the initial version of the story, but it was Cuts Immediately after that.

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