Unveiled 3 mini houseplants that improve and purify the air we breathe

There are many plants to keep in the home. There are all sizes, colors, and shapes. Even those with little time to devote to care and watering can easily keep them at home. Keeping plants indoors often gives an extra touch of green or the color our apartment was missing. Moreover, a plant placed at a right angle can often make a room more inviting.

Today with this article we see plants that in addition to impart a touch of the color In addition to our homes, they were able to improve the air.

So here are 3 mini indoor plants that improve and purify the air we breathe


Chrysanthemum is a very beautiful and colorful plant. It can also be grown without problems in your own garden or in a pot for your balcony. It can be found at very low prices and is well known as well. It is perfect for what we need because at home it is able to purify and greatly improve the air. In fact, he managed to remove theAmmoniaAnd xylene and formaldehyde.

Spider plant

Spider plant is very easy to treat even for those who do not consider themselves green thumbs. It was able to purify the air despite its small size. Perfect to keep in an apartment or office.

It is important to be careful to protect it from direct sunlight, especially in the warmer months.

It also adds a nice green touch to the house, thanks to its leaves and buds. It is important to remember to water it frequently to prevent it from slowly deteriorating.

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Promeliad is a plant that comes from Central America. Perfect to keep as a decoration and also has great air-purification potential.

It fits especially well with wooden furniture. He managed to add a pop of color to our rooms thanks to its vivid leaves. It was also able to capture, improve, and purify most of the chemical compounds in the air.

So here are 3 mini indoor plants that improve and purify the air we breathe.

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