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The petrol bonus for employees runs through January 2023, a measure introduced this year to support workers paying for fuel needed for business trips. Let’s see in detail how the bonus works and how it can be obtained.

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You can order up to January 2023 The Gasoline bonusContribution given by employer which provides for the recognition of employees with a voucher with a maximum value of 200 euros.

Let’s see together how the measurement works and when it is due.

Gasoline Bonus 2022: What it is and how it works

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Until January 12, 2023 i.e employees Many private companies, professional studios, or higher education institutions can benefit from the so-called petrol bonus, a invoice of the maximum value 200 euros A worker voluntarily released by the employer.

Bonuses may be issued by private companies, professional studios, or third-sector entities that do not transact commercial activities, and It does not contribute to the formation of income from the employee.

I Excluded Of remuneration are all public sector workers, VAT number workers, the occasional self-employed, collaborators with co.co.co type contracts or those who receive income from similar work, such as apprentices.

Gasoline Bonus 2022: How to get it


Gasoline reward 2022 It cannot be orderedas it’s known Voluntarily, of your own free will by the employee’s employer.

If, in fact, the company decides to offer its employee the petroleum bonus, it will be the company itself that informs them and distributes the vouchers of the value of the envisaged amount. there Expenses Linked to the gasoline premium we determine in full paid by the company who delivers it.

Coupons, as mentioned, must be redeemed before January 12, 2023, according to the principle of extended criticism. The worker will be able to use it by the expiration date on the receipt. So it will be possible to get the support by next January and spend it in the following months.

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