Until they find out the PIN and commission three times

Two bad news arrive at the ATMs, which are used by millions of Italians daily.

Let’s see what they are and what are the changes in the use of ATMs and first of all what you should pay attention to.

Using an ATM is quite a natural gesture for all Italians who regularly go to withdraw and also to pay money at ATMs, But the triple commissions arrive and the PIN is no longer secure. Let’s see what to watch out for. Clever bad guys can hide the tiny, almost invisible cameras on ATMs Discover our PIN code. Recent studies show that AI can be able to detect a PIN code From the movement of the arm even if we cover the keyboard with the other hand.

maximum attention

So it became very easy for scammers to discover our PIN and thus If we notice in the ATM some items that look suspicious to us, it is very important to leave them and look for another one. But now the triple commissions also arrive and we will pay 1.50 euros on withdrawal. Bancomat Spa, the company that operates all Italian ATMs, has asked the competition authority to make a change Too contempt for users. So far, the fee for ATM withdrawals of a bank other than us has been 0.49 euros. With the new rules, withdrawing from another bank will cost A surprising commission, so to speak, can fluctuate up to 1.50 euros.

Triple and sudden commissions

Bancomat Spa indicated to the guarantor authority that It’s not fair that the commission is set by whoever manages the card, but it should be set by whoever actually maintains the ATM. and all related and related costs. But this means materially that the committee is not known who is going to withdraw until the moment of withdrawal. actually The commissions set by our card will no longer be of value, but the commissions charged by the bank that owns the ATM will apply. we use .

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Even with the new rule Withdrawals will cost three times as much and we should not be surprised if the commission is no more than 0.49€ but it will be 1.50€. So it becomes important to try not to withdraw from ATMs other than those at our bank. Although it is true that there are fewer ATMs, sometimes finding the machine at your bank will become more difficult.

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