Unstoppable Mediacom, from Commisso’s idea to today’s reality. concentration

“After more than a quarter-century of risking his life savings to start a cable business focused specifically on rural and secondary markets, months later Reported 100 consecutive quarters of revenue growth (numbers)It’s not over yet, said Rocco Commisso, President and CEO of Mediacom Communications.. Thus begins the preamble of the long focus dedicated to the purple president company through the nexttv.com portal.

The article tells how Mediacom was first imagined in an eight-page document written by Commisso in March 1995 after leaving CableVision Industries titled “good chanceIn this, Roku pursues a vision to bring cable to smaller markets. From there President Viola will purchase the first cable system in 1996, so far with Mediacom that can count on 2.6 million customers and on signal as active as up to 22 countries: “We didn’t expect We never have to be at that level,” Commisso then explains, “Since 2001 we’ve lost more than 1 million video customers. Losing all of those customers and being able, though, to triple our cash flow and increase revenue every quarter we’ve been surviving at Mediacom, is, in our opinion, a good achievement.”

Commenting on Commisso’s actions, think about it Craig Moffettanalyzer Nathanson Moffett: 25 consecutive years of growth is an extraordinary achievement for any company. In addition to being a brilliant financial engineer, Rocco was also an exceptional operator. They put in really good numbers quarter by quarter. It is a testament to a very well run business.”

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