Unsettled with three years of service, 30% of seats reserved in professorship competitions. But not for everyone: this is the adjustment shared by the political forces

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A ‘Support Ordinance Bis’ which also contains measures for the school environment is under preparation. The school was a “complex to be resolved” regarding above all the recruitment of teachers and especially temporary workers with service.

The Oqda school, which witnessed yesterday an arena between the political forces and led to a joint amendment that includes measures to address the problem of historical fragility.

30% reserve but not for everyone

According to the text of the amendment, invitations to the following professorship competitions shall provide for a reserve of places equal to 30 per cent for each district, the degree of competition and the type of place, in favor of the one who completes. , within the deadline for submitting applications to participate in the competition, service in government educational institutions of not less than three years of study, even if it was not continuous, in the previous ten years

The reserve, according to the text of the amendment, is valid only for one district and for competition classes or types of places in which the candidate has completed service for at least one academic year.

Reserve will only be made if the number of places advertised, for each competing category area or place type, is equal to or greater than four.

What will the competition consist of?

As per another modification reported, therefore with a high probability of being accepted, the following competitions will consist of two exams, as already prepared for the STEM competition categories

One Written exam With multiple-choice questions, aimed at ascertaining knowledge and skills in the disciplines of the competition category or the type of venue you are participating in, as well as computer science and English.

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The 50-question test, if the text of the amendment has not undergone changes, will be computer-based and will be structured as follows:

  • 40 regarding the programs provided for in Annex A for the single competition category,
  • 5 Information technology. h
  • 5 on the English language.

To this will be added one oral test Their contents have not been specified, but it can be assumed that they are similar to those already in the intervening competitions.

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