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Unruly stance returns, fines boom, arriving in Australia

Salerno returns to the mercy of the wild stance. The end of restrictions on the spread of the epidemic has also unleashed a barrage of fines around the world on negligent tourists. Non-stop double-row parking lots are back to be flagged as being at pre-pandemic levels. Traffic jams increase, with fires burning in the streets at any time of the day. From January to September 2022, up to 36,664 Salerno fell into the network of land checkpoints in the center and the eastern region.

An average of 3,600 fines per month occurred in the network of controls; 120 are punished every day who undergo the double row ritual. It was hacked and punished by Street Control but also by Municipal Police on foot, by order of Commander Rosario Battipaglia. Ultra-fine road map see First Largo Plebiscito, Via Rome, Via Conforti, Corso Garibaldi, Piazza Matteo Luciani, then the waterfront Trincerone and Trieste. There is no excuse to park anymore, because the municipality has provided more than 1,200 parking spaces in the center after 2020. Weight is a bad habit for motorists parking in unauthorized areas.

In the first 10 months of 2022, 36,664 reports of highway code violations such as parking in the takedown area, at handicapped kiosks and near busy intersections. It is the crushing return of the bad habits of the Salerno people to unleash neighborhood traffic. Municipal police have stepped up inspections to stem the rampant wave of returns from a runaway halt. Of the 36 thousand subject to sanctions, 27,356 relate to the parking ban and 9,288 parking spaces Pedestrian crossings, at intersections and on sidewalks. Instead, the fines have been sent around the world to collect tourists and travelers passing through the capital after the Covid pandemic stage. Goodbye to transcontinental restrictions and there’s an immediate barrage of abuse. From Switzerland to Australia, it touches the countries of Eastern Europe. Undisciplined tourists at the wheel who do not pay attention to the rules of the road are targeted. Good treasure that the municipality is ready to recover quickly. Zero tolerance for fined foreigners is activated in the municipality area. 1,089 administrative punitive actions were initiated, mainly involving traffic violations. These range from an Austrian tourist who rented a car in the city during the summer, a traffic police fine at a wilderness stop on Via Roma, and a Romanian citizen who drove through Ztl with his own car. There is no shortage of parking spaces near shelters or kiosks for the disabled.

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The fines include more than 100 Australian, African and South American nationals. Nobody is missing. The recipients of the high reports from the municipal police were x-rayed by the drive in Via Dei Carrari, which referred the barrage of unpaid fines to an offshore company that specializes in collecting fines for foreign nationals. The responsible company is Nivi Credit Srl of FlorenceSpecializing in Processing and translating minutes into all world languages. The company will also notify and collect minutes from foreigners. 80% of the fines are for irregular parking. There is also a boom in reports of high-speed driving, land stops and transits in the Ztl-covered area drastically affecting Austrians, Swiss and French (there are 350), who have arrived in the city for weeks probably on vacation. The fines notification limits extend beyond the Atlantic to the other side of the world, in Australia. Primary goal: Reduce wait times for foreign home delivery and payments. “Before we had to contact foreign police forces in the hope of getting the fines paid – they admitted from the brigade command – in Swiss We turned to the cantonal police, in Germany to the land police, and in other places we appealed to the complex diplomatic channels.”

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