Unripe Bananas: Which is Better? Benefits you don’t expect

Is it better to eat unripe or unripe bananas? Sure we’ve all wondered about it, but now we’re getting the answer from the experts.

Tastes are not discussed and certainly some people prefer ‘green’ bananas and others prefer more ripe, softer, brightly colored bananas. However, there are nutritional differences that depend on the “life” of the banana.

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Besides the desire to eat the gods Delicious fruitsknowing that What they contain in different stages of maturity It may be beneficial to improve our well-being. Of course there is that Eat the fruitit is clear that if there are no specific health problems, it can do nothing but good and It helps the body get rid of many diseases.

What nutrients do bananas contain?

This “tropical” fruit, as well as being Enjoyed by all ages, among the most convenient to eat: they don’t drip, they don’t get your hands dirty and you can take them anywhere even without packaging. Let’s not forget that Bananas are also perfect when cooked: in desserts, in savory recipes, with caramel, or to make delicious ice cream.

They also contain many useful substances that we can summarize in this list:

  • magnesium (about 27 mg / 100 grams), a substance that aids in energy metabolism and protein synthesis, and protects muscles and the nervous system as well as bones;
  • phosphorous (about 22 mg / 100 g) It is also involved in the balance and health of bones, teeth, and even the brain;
  • Vitamin C (approximately 8.7 mg / 100 grams) Known to help the immune system, contribute to healthy skin, and have an antioxidant effect;
  • Vitamin B3 (approximately 0.6 mg/100g) Vitamin essential for many functions of the organism and for hormonal balance;
  • Vitamin A (about 3 µg/100 g) is necessary to protect visual and many other functions of the organism.

Unripe Bananas vs. Ripe Bananas: Which Do You Choose?

As stated at the beginning of the article, Those who prefer unripe bananas It probably doesn’t bother you Bitter taste and by the “fibrous” consistency of the fruit at an initial stage of ripening. Ripe bananas melt in your mouth And they flavor too sweeter.

However, regardless of the flavors, Unripe bananas provide different amounts of nutrientsthus we can direct our choice according to need.

  • banana Immature They provide that particular experience to the taste buds because It contains less simple sugars, and therefore more digestible; Also serious damage Feeling full Hence it is preferred by those who are on a diet.
  • banana mature I am more sugary But still More digestible than unripe And more amenable to integration by the body. They also provide More antioxidants.

All that remains is to choose your favorite banana based on your nutritional and taste needs.

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