Unreal Engine 5 is a graphic bombshell in the Coalition tech demo on Xbox Series X.

AllianceGears 5 developers revealed a new technical demo for theUnreal Engine 5 On the Xbox Series X that showcases a graphics sector that is nothing short of exciting.

As the director of the art studio, Kate Rainer From The Coalition confirms on the Xbox Wire pages that the demo runs on Xbox Series X, using an early version of several UE5 middleware and accrediting tools expressly developed by its subsidiary Xbox Game Studios, such as those used in Reconstruct facial expressions From the character I liked in the cinematic sequence.

For the occasion, the founder of The Coalition praises Unreal Engine 5 and notes that his team is excited to be working with Epic’s new graphics engine: “We got access to UE5 very early on and quickly saw all the benefits gained in bringing the development of our future titles to this engine, and we love using the new tools and features that allow us to create higher quality scenes, bigger and more interactive environments and a myriad of other aspects”.

The coalition executive says she is particularly affected by Unreal Engine 5 capabilities with Nanitesa technology that allows you to “Create and enhance interactive scenarios using billions of polygonal models. The level of detail that can be achieved with Nanite is incredible, The potential is 100 times higher compared to the past”.

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