Unprepared motorists, you get a fine because your house is not up to standard: the law is clear

This is why you risk so much with the (web) address

Getting a fine for your home address sounds incredible, and even we struggled to believe this news when we got it. However, the huge amount in effect clearly shows how in this case the title can be grounds for a very high fine that can reach 1,000 euros. This is the only way to avoid it…

The laws contained in the Highway Code are all the rules that regulate the behavior that we motorists must fully respect when we drive a vehicle of any kind. In fact, this colossal volume applies not only to cars, but also to heavy vehicles or cyclists and pedestrians, as we know, fragile road users.

Police checks are the order of the day and allow anyone to ensure in a very simple way that the rules contained in the CDS are respected by everyone. This obviously benefits the community as we can all travel safely on the road.

However, in this case, the checks could be very stringent, and even the home address could result in a €1,000 fine.

A large home address fine

As we said, the rules in force in our country regulate not only agreements and rules that must be respected by all road users. It also clarifies the often bureaucratic requirements for it to be considered normal on board.

Documents such as a driver’s license or registration certificate actually allow us to understand if the vehicle is registered in the national databases and that it has all the credentials to be able to go on the road. Among these checks came a very strict check and could lead us to risk a fine of 1,000 euros.

In the event of a change of residence, the new address must be sent immediately (web)

In fact, this rule states that in the event of a change of residence address, and therefore for example in the event of a move, we must immediately report the new address to the authorities so that this address is updated in documents such as the driver’s license.

In England, where this rule is currently active, if the new address is not sent in time there is a risk of a fine of 1,000 pounds. Motorists who wish to declare this information can do so through forms that can be filled out online and by mail submission.

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