Unlike solar panels from IKEA, you get paid today to skip bills

The sting on energy and gas bills is really fierce for Italian families, but there are new savings opportunities and new rewards that completely change the cards on the table for this very tough sting.

The September and October bills in particular are the most expensive for energy as well as for gas.


So families look for savings opportunities and rewards in every way.

Cheap Ikea panels and a new offer that pays you

First of all, let’s see how Cheap solar panels from IKEA Which many Italians flock to with conviction is an excellent option but there is another option useful.


First of all, it should be emphasized how long it takes Electricity and gas concerns are always available Government social rewards. In fact, all families with an ISEE in the range of €12,000 will be able to claim the famous social rewards on their still-existing bills. Energetic. However, many families today want to produce their own electricity using IKEA’s low-cost solar panels.

IKEA agrees but the new reward is even more

IKEA is a famous giant of budget furniture And in 11 countries it sells furniture in addition to selling it Even solar panels. These especially cheap IKEA solar panels are now Great demand by families precisely because families thanks to these paintings Solar energy can save a lot. The cost of such kits does not exceed 3000 euros, and there is also government support, so it is not surprising that many families They are looking for good savings thanks to these cheap solar panels. However, for families, there is a decidedly more tempting and more interesting option. This option allows you to pay zero for the solar panels and therefore get energy Electrician is free forever.

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Stop paying your bill

So it is definitely a huge help for families They claim with great conviction. This assistance is specifically energy income assistance. In fact, energy income is what can be covered up to 8,500 euros Purchase costs but also solar panel installation costs On the roof of the house or even on the balcony of the house. With energy income, the family will generate its own energy He will not need to buy it. This means that energy income is certainly an environmental option but also an economical option for families. Power input can be requested Only if the family is within the amount of €20,000 ISEE.

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