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United States, with victory in Nevada, Democrats retained control of the Senate. Biden: ‘Incredibly satisfied’

The “red wave” advocated by Donald Trump and Republicans soon proved to be a small shock to the strength of the Biden administration. The House takeover was not much less conspicuous than expected on the eve of the midterm elections, but the Democrats were able to maintain, and indeed, if they win elections in Georgia, to consolidate their control of Congress. their filter Catherine Cortez Masto She actually managed to win her seat in Nevada. So the Democratic “lame duck” is a little less so, given that even partial statements in the House speak of a much tougher conservative majority than expected: If the latest forecast’s data is confirmed, the old big party will get the majority. Narrow, just over 218 seats.

Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada defeated the Republican opponent Adam Laxalt in the midterm elections. Even if the Republicans managed to win the race for the last seat in the Senate in a state GeorgiaThe Democrats will maintain control, with the Vice President Kamala Harris able to cast a vote. Georgia will run on polling day December 6 Since then none of the Democratic senator Raphael WarnockNor the former soccer star backed by Donald Trump, Herschel WalkerThey got more than 50% of the vote.

It’s no coincidence that President Biden said he was “incredibly satisfied” with the election result. “I feel good and I can’t wait for the next two years,” he told reporters in the Cambodian capital. Phnom PenhWhere will he attend a summitASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). “I am over-optimistic. I think it is a result of the quality of our candidates.” Despite the polls and dark expectations on the eve of the vote, the president does not say he is “surprised by the turnout, I am very happy because I think it reflects the quality of our candidates.”

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And spares no digging in the Republican Partyin an attempt to bring him back into the fencing of the American conservative tradition and thus distance him from the populist and ultra-nationalist drift he inaugurated Donald Trump: The Job He must decide who he is., He said. Now the look, in addition to the December 6 ballot, is above all Monday’s meeting with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The meeting that comes with the heads of state of the two countries is reinforced by the results of the midterm elections and Chinese Communist Party Congress In its context, we will talk about the future international relations between the two largest powers in the world, as well as the situation in the world Ukraine.

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