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United States, Virginia Abolishing the Death Penalty: Latest News

The death penalty is abolished in Virginia. The measure got the green light in the Senate after the chamber. Now the ruler’s signature awaits.

Washington (USA) – The death penalty in Virginia is abolished. After approval by the House of Representatives, the Senate also approved the measure. The text of the measure reached Democratic Governor Ralph Northam’s table Final certification.

There should be no particular problems. In fact, the politician has already announced his intention to sign a provision to permanently end the death penalty in his state. Significant change of pace in a region that has seen more appeals to Al-Jallad.

Back out on Joe Biden on the death penalty?

Even the White House is considering the possibility of rolling back the death penalty and reverting to the long moratorium that was imposed before Donald Trump arrived in Washington.

A Senate hearing in his capacity as Attorney General Merrick Garland Speak cruelly against From this scale. According to what he wrote rsi.chThe Democrat has expressed doubts about the use of the measure, which has been applied disproportionately to African Americans and people of color in recent years.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

The death penalty is still a subject of debate in the United States

The death penalty is still a subject of debate in the United States. After a long pause made in recent years, Donald Trump card He decided to reinstate the measure upon arrival at the White House. Now the potential new change in pace and backing off Joe Biden.

The measure, taken in Virginia, could soon end at the new US president’s table. No decision has been made, but thought is underway to understand how to act and decide to retract the death penalty.

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