United States, “traitor” DeSantis challenges Trump for the Republican nomination

trump It is a political anomaly because, despite his defeat in the 2020 presidential election, he did not step aside as the vast majority of losing bipartisan candidates have historically done. He has stayed afloat and is still very much the “owner” of the Republican Party. DeSantis appeared to have all the credentials to force him out, and in some polls it gave him a hard time. However, recent polls have seen the former president ascendant and thus DeSantis’ job has become difficult. Florida’s governor has already given very clear, veiled, but recent, clear signals that the GOP must change course or remain on the sidelines. We need a generational change and he, at 44, will mark the future. His action in Florida would prove him right because, thanks to Republican supermajorities in both houses of the state, he was able to shift the political center of gravity toward the far right. DeSantis has passed far-right laws Trump never dreamed of passing. Abortion was reduced to the first six weeks of pregnancy, public education moved to conservative extremes, more than 500 books were banned for content deemed inappropriate, and civil rights were curtailed. Indeed, DeSantis argues, and quite rightly, that if Trump does not deliver on promises like building the Mexican border wall, he can show tangible conservative results.

actuallyDeSantis has swung so far to the right that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a historic advocacy organization, has warned African Americans that the political climate in Florida has made the state too perilous for those who wish to visit. Take appropriate prudent measures. Defeating Trump in the primary will not be easy for DeSantis even if he manages to garner significant economic resources with his “Never Back Down” Super Pac who will be ready to spend more than $200 million on his campaign. In the 2018 Florida gubernatorial election, Trump gave his endorsement to DeSantis. So the former president interpreted DeSantis’ challenge for the presidency as a betrayal. At the time of writing, we know that two more “traitors” will announce their defiance of Trump. Former Vice President Mike Pence and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The first would cause Trump little trouble according to the polls. But the latter can pose a more serious challenge. If DeSantis has been careful in his covert attacks on the 45th President, Christie has it all figured out. It should be remembered that Christie ran for president in 2016, but after a short period left the race, becoming one of Trump’s biggest supporters.

nowHowever, the former governor of New Jersey bluntly stated that Trump “was a failure of politics but also of human behavior.” Christie said Trump’s presidential candidacy would “ensure that Joe Biden will be elected.” However, the former president still has serious legal problems. Just these days, CNN reported to us that Jack Smith, the special prosecutor investigating Trump over top-secret documents and the events of January 6, 2021, possesses a recording of Trump discussing a classified document regarding a possible invasion of Iran at his New Jersey resort. In the tape dated July 2021, Trump also discusses the fact that he probably shouldn’t have mentioned it, acknowledging that possession of the document and its contents related to legal national security information. The former president’s judicial problems could include the crime of sedition that would disqualify Trump from any public office. *Professor Emeritus at Alan Hancock College, Santa Maria, California. Some of his articles have won awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications

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