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United States: Towards new safety recommendations

US Congressman ed case He called for the reinstatement of the Safe and Quiet Skies Act, which imposes strict safety rules on tour companies operating commercial flights with helicopters and small planes. His initiative would prompt the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to adopt recommendations made for some time by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), with the goal of reducing the number of fatal plane crashes.

And on the subject of safety, “My concerns are just one example of the deterioration taking place on a national level. For many years the Hawaiian Islands have seen fatal accidents involving tourist helicopters and commercial aircraft, even in residential neighborhoods,” he explained. Role.

The three recent tragedies at Kailua, Kauai and Dillingham are not isolated cases, he added. The NTSB, which is responsible for investigating but not for regulating safety, has noted to the FAA that safety regulations for commercial helicopter tours and small aircraft operations are grossly inadequate. general “.

The reinstatement of the Safe and Quiet Skies Act would authorize state and local governments to impose reasonable operating conditions for light aircraft, including addressing heightened noise in built-up areas and other public nuisances caused by the increasingly invasive pace of operation.

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