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United States, the House of Representatives approves a law to avoid default – Economy and Finance

(Teleborsa) – Another one Hacking the US to avoid defaultThanks to the raising of the debt ceiling, the limit within which the government cannot decide on additional spending items without obtaining the prior approval of the House of Representatives. over there camera Representatives actually Been voted By majority – 222 yes and 212 no – one Law who presents a simplifying procedures Allow the Senate to approve an increase in the limit by A simple majority (51 votes out of 100).

was the measure Listed by law pointing to Avoid automatic cuts to public health (Medicare) starting at the end of the year. A positive outcome of the vote was ensured by a bipartisan agreement in the Senate, where 60 votes are required to pass the measure, including 10 Republicans.

Then the law will be set The usual signature of President Joe Biden, the House and Senate will be able to hold two separate votes to raise the debt ceiling and with a simple majority, thus without official Republican support.

Without this procedural trick, the United States would have pushed towards hypothetical, which – which It will start on December 15th According to the calculations Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. The debt ceiling is currently $28.9 trillion

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