United States, Joe Biden loses majority: Senator becomes independent

The majority should not be questioned – in an interview with PoliticianHowever, Sinema has maintained that he will not join the Republicans and so the supermajority possession should not be questioned, considering there are also two other independent backers: Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine. Sinema explained his choice by wanting to fit in with the direction of his state’s constituents.

This is why Kirsten left Democratic Cinema – “When politicians are more interested in denying victory to the opposition than they are in improving the lives of Americans, the losers are ordinary people,” he said. She continued, “I have thus joined the growing number of Arizonans who reject partisan politics by declaring my independence from the broken party system in Washington.” “Like a lot of Arizonans, I’ve never felt comfortable with either national party,” she finally admitted.

Who is Kirsten Sinema? – Attorney, peace activist and three-time Democratic Representative After serving in the Green Party, the 46-year-old senator was the first openly bisexual woman and the second openly gay woman to be elected to both houses of Parliament, in 2012 and 2018. In all of these years she has been moderate and often Ma voted with the opposition and blocked many of her party’s laws along with centrist Joe Manchin.

White House comment – However, the White House preferred to recall the times when Sinima voted with the Democrats, stressing that she “was a key partner in some of the historic laws that President Biden promoted in the past twenty years.” and asserting that the Senator’s decision “does not alter the new Democratic majority in the Senate: we have every reason to expect that we will continue to work with it successfully.”

However, the party now faces the dilemma of whether to launch a candidate against her in the 2024 election, at the risk of scattering votes and losing her seat to the Republicans, or to support her even if she is no longer a member of the Democratic Party. .

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