United States, flight attendant finds cat wandering on Dallas-San Francisco flight

Has anyone lost a cat? That’s what all passengers on the United Airlines flight from Dallas to Los Angeles were told on Dec. 30. Yes, because a tabby cat appeared between the rows of seats on the plane, sparking the public’s curiosity.

The cat, lost in the fuselage of the plane, began to wander among the passengers, until it was picked up by the line attendant, who, as seen in a video shot by passenger David Hislop and posted on the agency Storyful, asked if the animal belonged to anyone.

At that point, the cat, who was visibly frightened, managed to crouch to the ground and then escape again and head toward the head of the fuselage. At that point, the owner called and picked her up to put her back.

It remains unclear how the cat broke free in the first place. According to United Airlines’ travel advisory, “Pets should travel in a hard or soft carrier that fits under the seat in front of you.”


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