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United States – FAA allocates $1 billion to 85 airports for infrastructure upgrades and upgrades

The Department of Transportation – Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it has awarded the first of the five billion dollars allocated by the Biden administration in the bipartisan “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” (IIJA) and aims to upgrade and modernize the sector. Infrastructure plane. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg provided the press with a list of selected projects, funded through the Air Terminal Program (ATP), one of three programs run by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration and established by the Infrastructure Act.

The funds disbursed for the 2022 fiscal year are aimed at financing more than 90 projects in 85 airports spread throughout the national territory. The projects were selected for the construction of infrastructure works of various kinds, which are aimed at increasing the receiving capacity of stations, improving connectivity with the entire rail and highway transportation system, accessibility, safety, sustainability, environmental and energy efficiency. 55% of the resources are dedicated to large airport hubs; medium-sized airports will receive 15% of the funds; Children will receive 20% of the contributions; The remaining 10% will go to smaller airports.


A detailed list of projects funded for FY 2022 is available on the FAA’s website: Also on the FAA’s website, information will be available in the coming months to apply for funding for 2023, which can be accessed by government and public agencies, private entities and Indian tribes operating public services in accordance with the National Plan for Integrated Airport Systems. Entities/agencies wishing to participate must be registered with SAM – System for Award Management and have a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), without which they cannot participate in the procedure. More information can be obtained from the FAA Regional Office (RO) or Airports District Office (ADO) at the FAA website:, or via email at:

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