United States: equal pay for men and women

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If in Italy a few weeks ago we saw a historical turning point with women’s football becoming professional, in the United States, thanks to the “struggle” of Megan Rapinoe and her colleagues, we witnessed the first real victory of the American pink movement: Equal pay for men and women.

Historic victory for women’s football stars and lines: “This is a truly historic moment – I announced Cindy Barlow KonPresident of Us Soccer These deals have forever changed the game here in the United States and have the potential to change the game around the world. Our soccer team and athletes, both the women’s and men’s national teams, have re-established their relationship with these new deals and lead us into an incredibly exciting new phase of growth and mutual collaboration as we continue our mission to become a pre-reputable sport in the world.. the United States. I am grateful for the commitment and cooperation of the men’s and women’s national teams and I am very proud of the hard work that led to this moment. Everyone who cares about our sport should share this pride with us as we look forward to working together to grow football for generations to come.”

Obviously this was a turning point that should be because in America women’s football is much more popular than men’s football, but not only in terms of appearances, but also in terms of success as it boasts 43 world titles and 4 Olympics at the fore. In economic terms, the collective agreements provide, first of all, equal pay for the athletes who are part of the first national team (male and female), while identical attendance and performance quotas will be paid in friendlies, based on the result. From the matches and the opponent’s face score, the same discourse also for the World Cup. Furthermore, a portion of the participation prizes for the World Cup will be shared: the men who participate in Qatar 2022 and the women who participate in Australia and New Zealand 2023 will receive an equal proportion of the collective prize pool paid by FIFA to participate in the two competitions. Same for the 2026 and 2027 Men’s World Cup.

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but, this is not every thing. For other competitions, the new contract will ensure that both teams receive an equal amount of the expected prize money. As for the income from sponsorships and more, it will be divided equally between the elected. In addition, the federation will give athletes a share of the income for home games with bonuses for matches that are out of stock. Finally, benefits such as childcare, a pension plan, equal treatment in terms of playing fields and training grounds, hotel accommodation, and staff available for the two national teams, will be recognized for travel. on a charter, for the safety of the work environment, parental leave and serious and documented injuries, as well as mental health. The new agreements will cover a period that includes two World Championships (men’s and women’s) and two Olympics, in connection with the major international events that the US national team aims to participate in with both teams.

In short, the stars of the American pink movement scored a very important victory that deserved more than the World Cup.

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