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United States, carpet vaccinations for athletes in the NBA, NFL and Milky Way

A role model. Copy, paste and distribute. In the United States, with the support of President Biden himself, as reported by the Washington Post Wall Street Journal, a truly special program for professional sports in the United States was put into place so that all major leagues, from the NBA, in Major League Baseball and Soccer, could By inoculating their heroes to encourage and encourage those of doubt to participate in the vaccination campaign. But also to have the opportunity to close tournaments without problems. Playing during the pandemic wasn’t easy and still looks complicated to this day, which is why the leagues are putting in place a strategy to inoculate their players as quickly as possible. Some companies have already started, and gradually, all others, to reach full coverage within a few weeks. In the so-called “special program”, of course there will be no imposition on the champions to inject the vaccine, but the government and the league to which they belong will ensure a much better life for the athletes and the teams that most people will occupy. Give their consent.

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Without restrictions

Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association offer fully vaccinated players a respite from some of their pandemic protocols and the ability of entire teams to relax once 85% of the team’s players, coaches, and other employees get the vaccine. It is designed for sports, but above all to give a big push for people to go vaccinated. If the hero did so, perhaps everything would become simpler and doubts or fears diminish if they had not completely disappeared. This is the primary goal. The Major League Baseball Players’ Association (other leagues do as well) have sent a reminder to players encouraging them to get vaccinated.

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There is also a role model in American football. It’s the Atlanta team where all the players, staff and employees were vaccinated at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the team’s stadium, which was even used as one of the vaccination points in Atlanta for the rest of the population. In fact, many fans ran to get vaccinated precisely because their favorites were there and got vaccinated with them. Something that could also happen here in Italy or in Europe. It could be the way to go and maybe give that support that you need.

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