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United States, best parks to visit

When we think of United Stateour mind works immediately famous metropolis full of magic, like New YorkAnd the ChicagoAnd the Los Angeles. The United States of America They have a lot to offer to visiting travelers, like i National parks. Yay National parks abroad Undoubtedly worth a visit, places that Unpolluted nature is the real hero. What are the most beautiful gardens in the United States?? Let’s go find out together.

How many states of the United States are there?

How many millions of people are there in the United States?? behind 330 millionwhich is an impressive number although it is clearly important to consider this The countries that are part of America are many And we’re talking about a Very little space. But How many USA? I 50exactly like 50 are the stars on the US flagthe stars that represent all these countries.

It is among the 50 states in the USA worth visiting? This question is really difficult to answer, if not impossible. In fact, all countries have their own characteristicsI am full of magic And they all serve the gods Green parks where you can experience great adventures In direct contact with temper nature. They are actually hundreds Parks and nature reserves Present, even if not all of them National parks. The beauty is that it is suitable for all types of travel, even honeymoon.

Photo by Mattia Berccia on Unsplash

How many national parks are there in America?

There are about 60 i National parks of the USA. They are very different gardens, each one has very specific characteristicsEveryone is able to offer Unique experiences and adventures of its kind. They share the fact that in these gardens Nature is wild, unpollutedwhich is a preserved nature that has managed for this reason to maintain its integrity beauty. It is impossible for us in this context to tell you that All US National Parksbut here’s the inevitable, I Parks to celebrate on the map of the United States Which is worth a visit once in a lifetime.

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The Yellowstone Park located in Wyominga A place to visit for sure At least once in a lifetime. It is a huge garden, Impossible to visit in one day. While hiking in this pristine area it is possible to discover Forests, valleys, lakes and waterfallsbut also Geysers, sulfataras and fumarolesBeside Thermal springs with multicolored water. In short, the landscape to admire here is Unique in the worlda place where wonders are so numerous that it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage.


Gardens you must visit California? Without a doubt, it is Yosemite National Parkwhich is a protected area that is part of UNESCO World Heritage Is characterized by Granite peaks of immense beauty, waterfalls and streams Simply incredible biodiversity.

Sequoia National Park

until the Sequoia National Park located in California, just south of Yosemite. The Centuries and giant sequoia Obviously the main attraction, trees Really incredible proportions that grow Southern Slope of the Sierra Nevada. Looking closely at these trees will make you feel small and small and will allow you to do so Feel all the power of nature. One among the giant sequoia is one relaxing walkwhich allows you to return to nature and with the most authentic part of ourselves, to definitely try.

Grand Canyon

This American natural park is located in the north ofArizonaOne huge strait that have been excavated over the years from Colorado Riversuggestive place where I am The reviews are really nice. ready Simple walks allow you to keep an eye on the throttlebut also complex journeys and Trip Routeswithout forgetting much outdoor sports activities It is possible to live here. In short, a place where there is no shortage Adventure and adrenaline.

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America's most beautiful national parks

Photo by Alain Bonardo on Unsplash

Bryce Canyon National Park

Definitely to be tagged to US mapas well Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah. The Natural phenomena of erosion That occurred in this region millions and millions of years ago and was born Tops with very special shapes and different colors. A unique panorama, a panorama that we can fully consider A real work of art That nature decided to give us. a Connect with nature rich in luxury What can be experienced here.

Zion National Park

There is something else A park in Utah Which undoubtedly deserves to be within you US map. We are talking about Zion National Parkgarden mountain with Red and white rockswith green forestwith Really amazing slopes And very high peaks. It is possible to do many activities here, Trekking, mountain biking and rafting and others outdoor activities. It’s a place where Living in direct contact with nature And let yourself be fascinated by its beauty.

Antelope Valley

it’s a Arizona park Really cool, one firm sandstone valley With the models inside Sculpted over time by water and windForms Very special. There are many color shades who shines under Only the sun’s rays come from above from the valley. They also came to be created play of light and shadows Thanks to extravagant shapes from this region. It’s a place where walking in the green And where do you allow yourself to go to the beauty of nature and to They give amazement.

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