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Great party for Italian water polo: After wearing it 409 times the national team’s ceiling as a playerOlympic, world and European gold medal, in addition to world silver and continental bronze, Sandro cut Campania tonight The A 400-seat landmark of Settebello Technical Commissioner, For which he won one Olympic silver and one bronze, two world titles, and two continental silver and bronze.

The occasion was celebrated at A match against the United States is valid for the Frica Rossa Cup: Italy This evening he won Per 10-17 At the end of the game balanced only in the first quarter. Before the match, he was also reminded of a minute of meditation Luca Mamprin, the national team physiotherapist who passed away on January 21. A memorial plaque with a picture of Gwangyu’s world victory was handed over to his partner Sarah, his mother Anna, father Giancarlo and brother Massimo.

United States and Italy 10-17
United States of America: Holland, Hopper 2, Vavic, Ober 1, Hallock 1, Cupido 2, Daubei 1, Woodhead, Bowen. 2, Williams, Langoics, Irving 1, Stephenson. All.: Udovic.
Italy: Del Lungo, F. Di Fulvio 2, Luongo 3, Figlioli 4, E. Di Somma 1, Velotto, N. Presciutti 1, Echenique 2, Figari, Bodegas 3, Napolitano, Dolce 1, Spinelli. All.: The country side.
References: Paoletti, Petronelli.
Noticeable – Partials: 3-3 2-5 2-5 3-4. Numerically superior: Using 2/6 + 3 penalties, and Italy 5/9 + 1 penalty kick (Netherlands defeated De Fulvio at 7’04 “in the second half) Woodhead went out with a foul in the third half.

Friciarossa Cup program

Thursday 11 February
United States – Spain 9-15

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Friday 12 February
United State-Italy 10-17

Saturday 13 February
Italy– Spain at 20:30, live broadcast on Sky Sports

Photo: Luigi Mariani LPS

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