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United States, a robbery victim opens fire on the thief but kills a 9-year-old girl

It happened in Houston, where a man, who had just been robbed at an ATM, opened fire on a truck carrying a family of five, thinking it was a plaster. Texas police have arrested the man, Tony Earls, 41, on charges of aggravated assault and grievous bodily injury

shoot a little girl She thought it was her attacker. happened to houston, where a man, who had just been stolen from an ATM, fired in an attempt to stop his thief, but instead shot Arlene Alvarez little girl from nine years who was in the back seat of his father’s truck. The girl later died in hospital from her injuries. This was reported by the Texas City Police, who indicated that they had arrested the man, Tony Earls, 41 years old, charged with aggravated assault And Serious bodily injury.

Earls and his wife were in one place Drive in the ATM When another man approached their vehicle and robbed them, he threatened them with a pistol. While the suspect was fleeing on foot, Earls got out of his car and opened fire, targeting a transportation car Who thought the thief climbed on him. The car was carrying one instead family of five, Including Arlene, he was shot by Earls. Arlene is already there Secondly A girl was shot and injured in Houston alone last week. Like other major cities in United States of America, Houston has already experienced a increase in crime violent in the past two years during pandemic. So the city of Texas announced a plan from $44 million To counter the rising rates of violent crime, particularly the ongoing killing spree, in the country’s fourth largest city.

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