United States, a black bear breaks into a birthday party and slays the cupcakes

A two-year-old boy’s birthday party had an unexpected guest: a giant black bear who loves candy.

big black bear Not exactly the perfect guest for a two-year-old’s birthday party (no, even if it’s a Masha and the Bear themed party), but getting him to go might be a lot easier than you think: just get a good supply of sweets available. We refer to what happened to a family from Connecticut, United State, who were celebrating with some friends and family birthday to his son, Cyrus the Younger. When a large, hairy guest crept onto the dessert table, taking advantage of the general commotion to fill his stomach.


Obviously, although he certainly made an effort to be as stealthy as possible, our hero certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Seeing a bear bent on slaying cupcakes and muffins, the adults began gathering whole handfuls of the children who were too busy playing to realize the danger. Once all the cubs were rescued, the guests hid in the garage or in the cars, where they began honking and screaming in an attempt to make the bear flee. The latter, however, did not want to know about it, and gallantly continued making the candies one by one until, with a custard-adorned muzzle and a plump belly, he decided to hold back.

The little boy’s parents told how, despite their incomprehensible fear, once they got to safety, they noticed that the bear didn’t seem aggressive at all: throughout his banquet, he spared no humans. gaze, preferring to devote himself entirely to the pleasures of the table. foodie!

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