United States, 16-year-old kidnapper uses a sign of help learned on Tik Tok: he was rescued by the police

A 16-year-old girl used the signal, which she learned from watching a video on Tik Tok, to call for help while in the car with the man who kidnapped her. Fortunately on the Kentucky Expressway, not far from the border with Tennessee, the driver who knew the signal had passed right next to him called 911, and continued to follow the suspicious vehicle until the police arrived.

“I really believe this signal saved this girl’s life,” a spokesperson for the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office said, explaining how agents were able to stop the car and arrest Herbert Brake, the 61-year-old. The years he kidnapped the girl who was so mentally clear that she could ask for help without her kidnapper even realizing it.

The video went viral

The “Help Signal” video was posted on social media last year by the Women’s Funding Network, an organization that helps women and girls, and went viral on TikTok. And for this, one of the motorists surrounded by the hijacker Toyota realized that the gestures that the girl continued to make were requests for help. According to Police Reconstruction, the girl’s parents reported the disappearance of their daughter two days ago in Asheville, North Carolina. Then the young woman herself told the police that she had accepted the ride from Brik, with whom she had begun traveling south, but at some point the young woman felt that she was in danger and understood that she had to seek help.

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